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May 07, 2018  •  1 Comment

Everyone loves ice-cream and it is a parents favorite activity to do with their kids. You get to see their eyes light up when it is handed to them and that cute grin spread across their face after that first bite! With summer right around the corner I just knew this going to be a great portrait session! What I love even more than that.... this mom and her baby girl have never taken professional portraits together before. I just loved being the first person to do this for them! 

Pretty much all of the images are done in color, but I had to sneak in some black and white because it is just so timeless and ads that extra "awe" factor in my opinion! 

This little girl sure does love her momma!!! 


So much cuteness!!! I'm so honored to be able to capture some sweet memories for this beautiful momma and her darling daughter!

--------- So tell me --------- 

What is your favorite thing to do with your kiddos that you would love to have saved in photos?? 


Christy Roberts(non-registered)
The ice cream is making my mouth water! I'd love a picture of my grandkids feeding the ducks or squirrels at the park!
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